(Sassafras albidum)

Heartwood is a medium to light brown, sometimes with an orange or olive hue. Colour tends to darken with age. Sapwood is a paler yellowish brown, though it isn’t always clearly demarcated from the heartwood. Overall, sassafras bears a strong resemblance to other domestic ring-porous woods like black ash and chestnut.

Easy to work with both hand and machine tools. Sassafras also has good dimensional stability once dry. Glues, stains, and finishes well. Sassafras trees are generally too small to be commercially viable on a large scale, but limited quantities of lumber and turning blanks are available for a modest price. Janka hardness of 630.

Common Uses: Utility lumber, fence posts, boatbuilding, and furniture.

Sassafras oil can be extracted from the root bark or fruit of the tree. These same roots were traditionally used in the making of root beer, and the familiar scent is prevalent in the leaves and wood.


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Weight 9999 lbs
Dimensions 9999 × 9999 × 9999 cm

1", 1.25", 2", 3"


8-12", 13-18", 19-28", 28-56"


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