(Olea europaea)
Italian Olivewood, Mediterranean Olivewood.

Heartwood is a cream or yellowish brown, with darker brown or black contrasting streaks. Colour tends to deepen with age. Olive is sometimes figured with curly or wavy grain, burl, or wild grain. Grain may be straight, interlocked, or wild. Fine uniform texture with moderate natural lustre.

Somewhat easy to work, though wild or interlocked grain may result in tear out during surfacing operations. Olive has high movement in service and is considered to have poor stability. Turns superbly. Glues and finishes well. Janka hardness of 2,700

Common Uses: Because of the fruits economic importance, healthy, cultivated Olive trees aren’t felled for lumber; availability is generally limited to pruned branches, trimmings, and diseased/storm damaged orchard trees. Short lumber, turning squares, and burls are occasionally available from wild trees.

Prices are moderate to high for exotic lumber.


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Additional information

Weight 9999 lbs
Dimensions 9999 × 9999 × 9999 cm



8-12", 13-18"


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