(Hymenaea courbaril)
Central America, northern South America, West Indies
Also known as Brazilian Cherry

Heartwood varies from a light orangish brown to a darker reddish brown, sometimes with contrasting darker greyish brown streaks. Colour tends darken upon exposure to light. Sapwood is a light greyish yellow, clearly demarcated from the heartwood. Grain is typically interlocked, with a medium to coarse texture. Good natural lustre.

Jatoba is considered difficult to work with on account of its density and hardness, and has a moderate blunting effect on tool cutters. Jatoba also tends to be difficult to plane without tear out due to its interlocking grain. However, Jatoba glues, stains, turns, and finishes well. Responds well to steam-bending. Janka hardness of 2,690

Common Uses: Flooring, furniture, cabinetry, tool handles, shipbuilding, railroad ties, turned objects, and other small specialty items.


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Weight 9999 lbs
Dimensions 9999 × 999 × 9999 cm

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1", 1.25", 2"


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