Black Locust


Robinia pseudoacacia

Colour can range from a pale greenish-yellow to a darker brown. Tends to darken to a russet brown with age. Can be confused with osage orange and honey locust in some instances.

Overall working characteristics for black locust are mixed: although the grain is usually straight, its high density and hardness can make it more difficult to machine when compared to other domestic hardwoods. Black locust also has a moderate blunting effect on cutting edges. Responds very well to both lathe turning and steam bending; glues and finishes well. Janka hardness of 1,700

Common Uses: Fence posts, boatbuilding, flooring, furniture, mine timbers, railroad ties, turned objects, and veneer.


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Additional information

Weight 9999 lbs
Dimensions 9999 × 9999 × 9999 cm

1", 1.25", 2", 3"


8-12", 13-18", 19-28", 28-56"


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