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Live Edge Lumber

All the live edge species included in this section are types that we carry and regularly work with. Prices included are for reference only, and subject change depending on availability, production, and distribution costs.
Live edge lumber refers to wood that retains the natural, irregular edge of the tree it was cut from. Instead of having straight, machine-cut edges, live edge lumber features the outer contour of the tree, including the bark. This style of lumber highlights the natural, organic beauty of the wood, showcasing the unique grain patterns, knots, and other characteristics.
The live edge is typically found on one or both sides of the board, while the other edges are usually straight and milled for stability and usability in woodworking projects. This type of lumber is often used in furniture making, such as for tabletops, countertops, shelves, and other decorative or functional pieces.
Live edge lumber is popular for its rustic and natural appearance, adding a touch of uniqueness and character to woodworking projects. It allows craftsmen to create pieces that highlight the individuality of each tree and its growth patterns.

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